A Creative's Intro to DAOs: A Step-by-Step Guide

With web3 tech moving us towards a digital renaissance, the demand for innovative bleeding-edge art is increasing. To meet those demands, many artists are needed. That’s where DAOs come in, providing the perfect match between talented creatives and eager patrons. DAOs provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in an environment where you can hone your skills, collaborate with others, and also get paid for your work (sounds like a bomb deal, doesn’t it?). Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the DAO space is calling. Here’s a beginner's guide to support you through the first steps.

Step into the World of Crypto

A crypto wallet will be required to explore this new avenue. Setting one up is as easy as downloading a free app or registering on a site. A good example of a user-friendly wallet is Rainbow Wallet. To set one up, all you’ll need is a smartphone and an internet connection. No matter which wallet you choose, read the provider’s instructions and ensure you understand how to keep the assets in your wallet secure. Hardware wallets provide more security than software wallets, however, they require an initial investment. As a creative, finding out whether it’s a path you wish to walk is essential before investing in pricier equipment.

Discover the Landscape

Once you’ve got your wallet, it’s time to survey the field! There’s a plethora of DAOs out there, each with its own purpose. Whether you’re passionate about uploading your latest musical creation to a decentralized streaming platform or showcasing your visual design skills for NFTs, the opportunities are endless. To find the one that suits you best, you’ll need to do some research. BanklessDAO wouldn’t be BanklessDAO if we didn’t educate you along the way, so here are a few links to aid you on your journey:


Ethereum: Join a DAO ,


Explore the Conditions for Joining

Joining a DAO is an inspiring step towards a futuristic, innovative work environment. However, there may be a few small technicalities to overcome.

Some DAOs require you to be a holder of a specific governance token or NFT. Usually these can be bought on web3 marketplaces/exchanges. Some DAOs are more financially inclusive. For example, all BanklessDAO requires of a contributor is to join a Discord channel. This serves as the main means of communication between all members and teams, A.K.A. “guilds”.

Ensure Your Wallet has Enough Ether for Gas (OPTIONAL)

As mentioned, some DAOs may require you to own their native token or purchase an NFT. Don’t let these minor requirements deter you from your goal. In order to cover the network fees associated with purchase — known as gas fees — you may need to first purchase Ethereum using fiat currency. Your DAO of choice might offer alternative solutions. Here at BanklessDAO, a guest pass and reward system allows newcomers to accumulate the number of tokens needed to become a full-time contributor.

Find Your Place in the DAO

Get comfortable manoeuvring through the inner workings of the DAO. There will be many directions to explore, so see what areas of work are on offer and feel what resonates for you. It’s easy to get disoriented, so take small steps. Learning about the tools the community uses to organize their work (e.g. Notion, Lettucemeet, Asana, and Figma) will help greatly with becoming acquainted. Understanding the tools will enable you to find meeting times, relevant notes, brand guidelines, and information such as project roadmaps. On the topic of meetings, don’t be afraid to join one! They’re the best choice for staying up-to-date, involving yourself, and honing your communication skills.

Once you’re in, make yourself  known! Don’t go on a shameless self-promo spree, but it’s acceptable to share your portfolio to introduce yourself. Usually, there’s a designated person or introductory resources to help you get situated. It might be a Talent Coordinator or a new-member intro section. Prepare a message that shows how you can be valuable to the DAO. Maybe something like: “Hey, I’m Lessington Banks and I’m a coder/designer/hunter/surgeon ready to contribute to a web3 software product. I have participated in projects such as Cool Artwork and Innovative Solution with experience of this many years. I’ll be looking forward to contributing! Meanwhile, take a look at my portfolio:”

Start Contributing

The previous step — putting yourself out there — is usually the most difficult. After you’ve gotten comfortable and have your eyes set on a project, this next step will be self-explanatory. Commit and follow through! If that crypto podcast requires a jingle for an intro, do your best! If that landing page needs some sick web design, or an NFT needs a 3D animation, be you and let that imagination soar. The journey may be challenging, but with commitment and the manifestation of your creative spark, anything is possible. Being surrounded by exciting projects requires you to be doubly wary though. Biting off more than you can chew is a common syndrome in a progressive work environment. Be mindful of managing your time and energy wisely to prevent burnout.

For a creative person, the expression of self is as inherent as the desire to eat. Nonetheless, combining these two — making a career from your creativity — is a long, demanding, and unpredictable journey. This is one of the reasons DAOs are positively influencing the future of work. Being paid for projects you truly enjoy working on, without the constraints of a set office location or working hours, doesn’t seem so far off anymore. Countless contributors from all parts of the world make a living this way. If you’ve got a laptop and an internet connection at home, you’re pretty much set to get started. By bringing your originality to the virtual table, you’ll be leaning in to new ideas and ways of getting things done. DAOs are an environment in which everyone can thrive and benefit from active involvement. Both the artist and the organization continue to evolve, learn and earn with one another.

Hear about it from a fellow BanklessDAO member NF Thinker🏴#2814: “Decentralized work isn't perfect, but we're iterating and improving it through governance and best practice. It's a new concept, enabled by the internet, and empowered by web3 ownership. The beauty of decentralized work lies in the ability to connect with a vast network of brilliant contributors and like-minded people.”

If you would like to share your creative skills with a DAO but are unsure where to start, join us at BanklessDAO. There are so many opportunities and people to meet, that in no time you’ll have found your web3 feet.

Article written for Bankless Card by @march.401

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